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Who did I vote for?

Today, May 9, 2016 is the day we choose our next public servants for the next 6 years.

Who did I vote for?  

I have voted for these candidates based on my analysis of their platforms that I searched from multiple sources in the internet and inputs from family and friends.  I did not rely on mainstream broadcast media because they have commercial interests - they have received money in exchange for airtime.  
I did listen to people that I respect, I searched the internet and collated data from multiple sources and analyzed them on the basis of their character, experience and platform of governance.  Sweeping promises that are not doable are ignored.
There are still places in this world where people have no voice.   There are people in this country that are unable to vote due to various reasons.   There are people in this country who choose not to vote even though they can.   Whatever happens, I am pleased that I have been able to speak up because after all the noise from media both mai…

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